Dogs Cause Up to $350K in Damage at Car Dealership

Employees of a Houston car dealership arrived to find their vehicles so badly damaged earlier this month that at least one staffer suspected a “wolf” had attacked.

But the reality was even more bizarre: Surveillance footage showed two dogs literally ripping apart the vehicles, pulling off bumpers and other bodywork with their teeth.

“You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that,” Gaby Fakhoury, the sales manager at G Motors, told ABC 13 Houston in a news segment this week. The dealership’s finance manager, Imran Haq, told the news station he was sure “a wolf” was to blame for the wreckage until he watched the footage.

At least five cars were damaged in three separate overnight rampages this month, Fakhoury said, estimating the damage to be between $100,000 and $350,000. At the center of all these violent maulings, it seems, is a cat—employees believe the dogs’ true target is a clever feline hiding inside the vehicles.

For now, however, the mauling sprees have everyone on edge, with employees trying to ensure they don’t cross paths with the canine culprits.

“Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office,” Fakhoury told ABC13. “They’re so scared.”

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